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Managing Power-Ups

Add, update, and delete your team's custom Power-Ups!

Custom Power-Ups are managed via You can use this page to create new custom Power-Ups and make changes to existing ones.

Visiting the page, you should see a list of Trello teams for which you are an admin and can manage Power-Ups:

Don't see any teams listed?

You must be an admin of a team to manage custom Power-Ups for that team. If you need help creating a team in Trello, you can find more info here.

Each Power-Up is associated with a team and once a Power-Up has been added to a team, it will be available to all of the boards that belong to that team. To add a Power-Up to a team, click the team's name and you'll be taken to a list of custom Power-Ups that have been added to that team.

If this is your first time visiting the Power-Up admin page for your team, you'll be prompted to fill out the Joint Development Agreement:

Once you've gotten the JDA out of the way, you'll be shown a list of all of the custom Power-Ups that belong to your team. If you haven't added any custom Power-Ups yet, your list will be empty:

Adding a New Custom Power-Up

To add a new Power-Up to your team and make it available to be enabled on all of that team's board, start by clicking the "Create New Power-Up" from your team's Power-Up admin page.

Next, you'll be given an empty form to fill out. Don't be overwhelmed! There are a lot of fields, but we'll walk you through them.

The first section is below:

Below is information about each field and what it is used for.

Field Name

Power-Up Name

The name to display to user's when viewing the Power-Up in the directory.

Author Name

The name to display to user's when viewing the Power-Up in the directory.


We'll use this to email you with questions if you submit the Power-Up for review.

On to part two - these fields are used to determine what to show to Trello users when they interact with your Power-Up in the directory.

Next you're required to choose two categories for your Power-Up. These categories will be used when searching and filtering Power-Ups in the directory:

Overview and Description

The fields below are used to populate your Power-Up's listing throughout Trello.

Field Name


A short description to intro your Power-Up and its features. This will be shown when users search for Power-ups and when we need a short one-liner about your Power-Up. The overview field does not support markdown.


This will be shown to your user when they view more information about your Power-Up in the directory. Your description should include what the Power-Up does, links to more information,
and images of the Power-Up in action. The description field supports markdown. You can read more about the markdown syntax at Markdown in Power-Up Descriptions.

Below is an example of when the Power-Up's overview field is used when searching for Power-Ups in the directory:

On to part three - capabilities! Use the toggles below to specify which Power-Up capabilities you want to use in your Power-Up:

Toggle on capabilities that you plan to support in your Power-Up.

Toggle on capabilities that you plan to support in your Power-Up.

What are capabilities?

If you're not familiar with all of the capabilities and what they do, we recommend you head over to the Power-Up capabilities documentation.

And finally, the last part:

Field Name

Power-Up Icon URL

This will be the icon displayed to users when viewing your Power-Up in the directory.

iframe Connector URL

The URL for the iframe connector that will be loaded when the Power-Up is enabled.

Privacy Policy URL

If you have a privacy policy you'd like to share with users of your Power-Up, you can include a link to it.

Support Email

We'll use this email when questions arise from users regarding your Power-Up or if we need to contact you regarding changes to the Power-Up platform.

And that's it! Hit the green "Done" button in the bottom right and you should see your freshly added Power-Up under your team's list of custom Power-Ups:

Now your Power-Up should be available in the Power-Up directory on any boards in your team.

Updating Existing Custom Power-Up

You can update an existing Power-Up by selecting it from the list on your team's Power-Up admin page. You'll be given a form containing the information about your Power-Up:

You can update your Power-Up by changing the fields on the form and clicking the "Save" button.

Deleting Existing Custom Power-Up

To delete a Power-Up, click the trash can icon next to the name and icon of the Power-Up you'd like to delete. You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the Power-Up.

Public Power-Ups

Updating Public Power-Ups is the same as updating a custom Power-Up. You can follow the instructions above to change information regarding your Power-Up.

Keep in mind that any changes you make to the Power-Up will be reflected immediately to all of Trello's users.

Deleting Public Power-Ups

You can't delete a Power-Up that has been made public via the dev portal. To delete a public Power-Up, please send an email to

Managing Power-Ups

Add, update, and delete your team's custom Power-Ups!

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