Trello Developers

Community Projects

Trello is built around a fantastic community of users and developers. Here's a list of some of the top community projects to help you build with Trello.

We'd love to hear your experiences with these projects, but unfortunately we cannot provide support for them.

3rd Party Wrappers

Wrappers make it easier to interact with the Trello API using a number of different programming languages.


Jeremy Tregunna

Luca Matteis

Richard Kolkovich

Trolly (Python)

Luke Rigby

Trellop (Python)

Brent Tubbs

Trello3 (Python3)

Wayne Werner

Greg Dennis

Ex Trello (Elixir)

Chris Yammine

3rd Party Sample Projects

Developers have already built some cool things with Trello. Here are some open source projects that you can use for reference.


Jeff Triplett

Francois Metz

Mark Drago

Daniel LeCheminant

Oisín Hurley

Jake Ginnivan

Daniel LeCheminant

Daniel LeCheminant

Oskar Jakiela

Jonalyn Valencia

Kevin Harper

Community Projects